Modeling and simulation of unapodized surface acoustic wave filter

Mohamed Fahim Elkordy, Moataz Mostafa Elsherbini and Aly Mohamed Gomaa

African Journal of Engineering Research
Published: February 11 2013
Volume 1, Issue 1
Pages 1-5


In this paper, the study for influence of using different substrate types, number of finger pairs, and finger overlap distance on the response of unapodized surface acoustic wave (SAW) filter, is given. Within this study, a computer algorithm has been developed to estimate and model the main characteristic parameters of unapodized SAW filter. The detailed parameters of unapodized SAW filter such as increasing or decreasing the finger overlap in cm in either input or output inter-digital transducer (IDT) or both, also increasing or decreasing number of finger pairs in either input or output IDT, or both are described with aid of the computer algorithm. The results obtained in this work provide an adequate basis for understanding the parameters effects, and to aid in the optimization processes of unapodized SAW filter based upon these effects.

Keywords: Surface acoustic wave, filter, inter-digital transducer.

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