Influences of communication problems on project performance in Nigeria

G. A. Yakubu, O. E. Ogunsanmi and A. O. Yakubu

African Journal of Engineering Research
Published: September 5 2019
Volume 7, Issue 3
Pages 74-84


Construction projects are known to perform poorly. Failure to achieve preconceived goals of construction project has been linked to ineffective communication among project team members. The aim of the study reported here is to assess communication problems in construction projects from the perspective of construction contractors. A large quantitative approach was adopted. This entailed the use of questionnaires to collect information on the perception of respondent on the study's objectives. The findings of the study suggest that a positive relationship exist between non-effective communication and project performance. Based on the findings, it is suggested that the use of face-to-face communication will ensure that problems are resolved faster.

Keywords: Communication, mixed method, Nigeria, project performance.

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