Design and performance test of a small scale refuse boiler for industrial applications

Olisa Y. P., Kotingo K. W. and Amos A.

African Journal of Engineering Research
Published: Febraury 8 2017
Volume 5, Issue 1
Pages 1-6


The huge amount of solid waste (refuse) generated on a daily basis in most cities creates a very big concern for municipal waste management agencies. Energy generation from refuse is an attractive concept (waste to energy technology) which utilizes the heat produced from the combustion of municipal solid waste in a steam boiler system. This paper presents the design and performance evaluation of a small scale refuse boiler for industrial applications. Thermodynamic analysis was used to estimate the heat absorbed by water at the economizer and evaporator sections of the boiler tube. A mathematical modeling was used to establish the relationship between the temperature of the flue gas and the corresponding height of the boiler tube. MATLAB software was used to implement the design of the length of the boiler tube following a structured algorithm. The total heat absorbed by the boiler was estimated as 521.04 kW while the total surface area of the boiler tube required was calculated as 6.68 m2. Finally, the total length of the boiler tube required to produce steam at the design parameters of 150°C and 5 bar with a mass flow rate of 0.2 kg/s was calculated as 92.03 m.

Keywords: Steam, temperature, pressure, enthalpy, solid waste, energy, boiler tube.

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