Accumulation levels of heavy metals in field area vs. experimental study soils

Srinivas J., Purushotham A. V. and Murali Krishna K. V. S. G.

African Journal of Engineering Research
Published: April 13 2017
Volume 5, Issue 2
Pages 18-23


The soil sample from field area and industrial solid waste samples were collected at the outlet of release channel of the “Oil and Gas Industry” at Kakinada, air-dried and was brought to the laboratory. The soil samples were collected at near to oil and gas industry for experimental study. The soil amendments were prepared for as Control, Amendment 1, 2, 3 and 4. The pH of the amendments decreased from A1 to A4 (6.82 to 5.57) over control soil (7.32) whereas the electrical conductivity has increased from 0.268 milliohms /cm in A1 to 0.698 milliohms /cm in A4>1 to A4, whereas, nitrogen, phosphorus, aluminium and iron have shown. Copper, zinc, iron and manganese concentrations were increased from the Control and Amendment 1 to Amendment 4 because of the toxicity of the industrial solid waste extracts.

Keywords: Andhra Pradesh, East Godavari, heavy metals, industrial solid waste, soil and soil amendments.

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