Determination of the molecular weight of a novel hydroxy-terminated cyclohexene oxide and epichlorohydrin copolyether

Li Hua, Ying-hua Qiao, Shan-shan Jin and Ya-dong Zhang

African Journal of Engineering Research
Published: February 6 2018
Volume 6, Issue 1
Pages 10-14


Cyclohexene oxide (CHO)-epichlorohydrin (ECH) copolyether is one of the raw materials to synthesize transparent polyurethane. In order to control the performance of product, it requires the determination of molecular weight. But at present, the molecular weight of CHO-ECH copolyether has not been reported. Therefore, in this paper, the molecular weight and constant K and α of the solution system was determinated by viscosity method based on Mark-Houwink empirical equation and intrinsic viscosity. This method provides a theoretical basis for the determination of molecular weight of polyether polyols.

Keywords: Copolyether, viscosity method, Ubbelohde viscometer, Mark-Houwink empirical equation.

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