Polymeric materials as pour point depressant for Egyptian waxy crude oil

Ahmed Bahgat, H. Salah, M. S. Mansour, D. A. El-Gayar and M. Abdel-Fattah

African Journal of Engineering Research
Published: June 7 2019
Volume 7, Issue 2
Pages 45-56


The relation between the temperature of waxy crude oils pipelining and pour point is a well-established phenomenon. Different techniques have been applied to reduce the problems due to crystallization of saturated hydrocarbons during production and transportation of waxy crude oils. Use of pour point depressant (PPD) is preferred economically and effect cost saving. In this work, Poly-methyl acrylic acid hydrazide, modified N-Salicylidene polymer and tin chloride complex was synthesis and characterized by SEM, FTIR, BET and TGA. PPD was evaluated as flow improver in different types of Egyptian waxy crude oils, Alamin (light crude oil) and Qarun (heavy crude oil).The results showed good performance in improving the pour point temperature depending on the composition and the location of waxy crude oil. The optimum amount of PPD for three types of depressants is 500 ppm for both types of Egyptian waxy crude oils.

Keywords: Pour point depressant, flow improver, waxy crude oil.

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