Residential satisfaction in private tertiary student housing facilities in Akoka, Lagos State, Nigeria

Adeyemi S. Ifaturoti

Advancement in Science and Technology Research
Published: July 12 2017
Volume 3, Issue 2
Pages 8-14


Residential satisfaction is an important aspect of housing studies. This study aims at assessing residential satisfaction among the occupiers of privately owned and managed tertiary student housing facilities in Akoka, Yaba with a view to improving on the services they provide. Four hostels were selected via cluster sampling while 90 respondents were randomly selected from the selected hostels. Self-administered questionnaires were utilized for data collection and a response rate of 80.0% was achieved while the SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Scientists) software was used for data analysis. Residents, 88.9% of whom were found to be females, were required to rate 30 selected residential satisfaction indicators on the basis of their perceived importance and their level of satisfaction on 5-point rating scales. Results show security of premises, water supply and room size as being perceived to be the most important factors. Findings also indicate that residents were most satisfied with ease of transportation to school, nearness to centres of religious worship and security. The paper concludes that the providers of private hostel facilities in Akoka could as well make more provision for the male students in order to engender social balance as it obtains in the public hostels and thus facilitate the effective delivery of the goals of tertiary education.

Keywords: Student housing, residential satisfaction, tertiary institutions.

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