Structural study of SrTiO3 doped with Mn using X-ray diffraction

Zainab Ibrahim Booq and Sara Khalid Alghaith

Advancement in Science and Technology Research
Published: May 31 2017
Volume 3, Issue 1
Pages 1-7


Monocrystalline Mn:SrTiO3 was prepared from the compounds MnO2, TiO2, and SrCO3, which had equivalent weights of 2.52 g. Mn was doped in this sample at 60 mol%. The sample was heated half hour, and annealed at 1223 K (950°C). The sample had an orientation of (100). The study was performed at room temperature (T = 300 K = 27°C). The structure of this crystal was investigated using X-ray diffraction and found to be cubic (P m3 ̅m). The lattice parameter of the Mn:SrTiO3 crystal was 3.269 Å. The grain size of this crystal was magnified 5,000 to 100,000 times using scanning electron microscopy and found to be in range of 1.33 to 91.4 nm.

Keywords: Spectrum, grain, crystal structure factor, atomic scattering factor, annealing.

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