Assessment of Nigerian secondary school students’ opinion of ceramics as a career choice

Peter Oluwagbenga Odewole

Advancement in Science and Technology Research
Published: May 14 2018
Volume 4, Issue 1
Pages 1-6


There is an unprecedented need to harness the dividend of vocational and technical education such as ceramics education in order to alleviate the existing youths’ gross unemployment in Nigeria. In this regards, survey method was used in making inquiry into the position of secondary students as regards ceramics discipline as a career choice with a view to channeling a path towards the advancement of the discipline in the country. This study used inferential and descriptive statistics to analyze its data. It was found that lack of inherent skills as required in ceramics education and practices, students’ arm of study at the secondary school level and students’ gender could engender students’ reluctance in making ceramics discipline a career choice despite that they are aware that the discipline exists.

Keywords: Ceramics education and practices, secondary school students, opinion, career choice, Nigeria.

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