Egg production and linear body measurement traits of local and three exotic chicken genotypes reared under two agroecological zones

Serkalem Assefa, Aberra Melesse and Sandip Banerjee

International Journal of Ecology and Ecosolution
Published: June 6 2018
Volume 5, Issue 2
Pages 18-23


This study was conducted to assess egg production, body weight and the linear body measurement traits of exotic breeds (Bovans brown, Koekoeck and Sasso) and local chickens reared in two agroecological zones under traditional management system. For the assessment of the egg production traits, 200 households were randomly selected from lowland and midland agroecologies. Linear body measurement traits were assessed from 192 chickens of the four genotypes drawn from 48 households of two agroecologies. The results indicated that the average age at first egg of all exotic chickens was shorter (p<0.05) than that of the local chickens in both agroecologies. The number of eggs per hen per year was 49.1, 134, 117, and 138 for local, Sasso, Bovans brown and Koekoeck genotypes, respectively. The Sasso and Koekoek chicken genotypes raised in the lowland produced the highest (p<0.05) egg number/hen/year. The body weight of Sasso, Bovans brown, Koekeok and local chickens reared in the lowland was 3.38, 2.91, 2.79 and 2.05 kg, respectively being (p<0.05) different from each other. The Bovans brown and Sasso chickens reared in the midland had higher (p<0.05) body length, chest width and wing span values as compared with other chicken genotypes. Among the male chickens, Sasso breeds were superior (p<0.05) in body weight, body length, and chest width. In conclusion, the exotic chicken genotypes had a superior advantage over the indigenous chickens in egg production traits as well as body weight and linear body measurements in both agroecologies. Among the exotic genotypes, the Sasso genotype was found to be the best in most performance traits in the lowland agroecology while the Bovans brown and Koekoek genotypes were suitable in the midland agroecologies. Further study is recommended to assess the resistance potentials of exotic chicken breeds against locally available infectious diseases and parasites in both agroecologies.

Keywords: Bovans brown, Koekoek, Sasso, agroecology, linear body measurements, egg production.

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