Implication of global climate change on human health and its environment: Possible adaptation strategies

Ogunniran, Blessing Ifeoluwa and Happiness, Rhoda Omolade

International Journal of Ecology and Ecosolution
Published: November 7 2019
Volume 6, Issue 3
Pages 37-43


There are evidences everywhere that the earth as a planetary body is at risk of gradual deterioration. The global climate is changing thus bringing about negative and significant hazards on human health and its environment. This occurrence implies that human are altering earth natural, ecological and bio physical systems that has keep the lower atmosphere and earth’s surface even warmer. The rapid increase in environmental degradation daily experienced by human and ecosystems has become an issue of extreme importance to researchers. Presently, recent studies has shown that some parts of the world are experiencing increase in the number of hot days, intense climatic and environmental threats due to extensive use of greenhouse gases. The aim of this paper is to extensively review the potential health impact of global climatic change and enumerate methods to protect human from risk associated with this phenomenon. Possible adaption responses are reviewed to increase the level of human adaptability with the unavoidable catastrophe posed by climate change. This study further explains how to reduce human vulnerability and different adaption strategies to improve public health.

Keywords: Climate change, implication, environmental degradation, greenhouse gases, adaptation strategies, human health.

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