Smallholder farming and food sovereignty in Uganda: An in-depth analysis of policy vis-a-vis farmers’ realities

Janice Desire Busingye

Net Journal of Agricultural Science
Published: November 15 2017
Volume 5, Issue 4
Pages 131-140


This article unpacks the reasons why smallholder farmers who grow food for a living are continuously but unsuccessfully struggling to feed their families. Drawing on qualitative research carried out from 2007 to 2008 with Ugandan smallholder farmers, the author demonstrates that while governments and similar institutions are concentrating on promoting modernisation of agriculture, smallholder farmers’ efforts are concentrated on food sovereignty. This paper argues that there is a disjuncture between theory, policy and farmers’ practices and experiences which have aggravated food insecurity of smallholder farmers. Based on the findings, this study concludes that for smallholder farmers to successfully provide food, theory and practice will have to draw their assumptions from smallholders especially regarding food sovereignty.

Keywords: Smallholder farming, food security, poverty, livelihoods, land tenure, food accessibility, food sovereignty.

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