An exploratory study on family recreation by families in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Wardiyanta, Janianton Damanik, Nopirin and Sudarmaji

Net Journal of Business Management
Published: December 23 2016
Volume 4, Issue 3
Pages 31-38


Family recreation is popular among families in Yogyakarta. This phenomenon is associated with an increased families’ understanding about togetherness, reunite the family and create the family memories. The family recreation is affected by geographic, demographic changes, and families’ understanding of the tourism. The purpose of this study is to discuss the tendency of families' understanding and trend of family recreation. The findings suggest the family recreation associated with understanding and mobility of families. This study contributes to an understanding of social changes in Yogyakarta’s families and its meaning for the tourism industry in the future.

Keywords: Family recreation, mobility, demographic.

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