A socio-ethical assessment of the impact of youth migration on the growth of Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA), Lagos State

Oluwafemi Joseph Alao

Net Journal of Social Sciences
Published: December 7 2017
Volume 5, Issue 4
Pages 68-77


Migration affects both the young migrants themselves and those left behind. Not only does it have direct and often profound impact on migrants and their immediate families, but the wider community can be directly or indirectly affected as well. The consequences are complex, context-specific and subject to change over time. In the same vein the church is not exempted from such impact, in that the youths are emigrating to other denominations because they are not properly discipled, their spiritual needs are not met, their physical needs are not met. The reasons given by the youths for emigrating are due to dissatisfaction with the mode of worship, lack of strong campus fellowship, among others. This study, “Assessment of the Impact of Youth Migration on the Growth of Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) Lagos State as case study", therefore attempts, examining the roles of the church in curbing the menace of youth emigration from the church. The study adopted a descriptive method. Five hundred (500) copies of questionnaire were administered among ten (10) local churches of Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) Lagos State. Four hundred and fifteen (415) copies of questionnaires were retrieved representing a return rate of 83%. The secondary method involved collection of data from books, journals, and unpublished seminar papers. The ugly trend of youth migrating out of Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) is attested to by 353 respondents (85.1%). 317 respondents (76.4%) revealed that the youth are migrating at a fast rate. 285 respondents (68.8%) averred that the youths’ emigration is due to dissatisfaction with the worship service of the church. 275 respondents (66.2%) said the readiness of people from other denomination to help youth is responsible for their migration. The research concluded that the menace of youth migration must be combated without any reservation in view of its grave consequence to the church existence. The study recommends among others that the church should design a structured discipleship program for her youth, as well as use of musical instruments as a vital tool in curbing youth from migration. As engaging the youth in church activities with the aims of understanding their various potentials, will help retain the youth from migrating, so also strong campus fellowship will go a long way in curbing the youths' exodus. Churches should begin to show concern for the various needs of their youths.

Keywords: ECWA, growth, migration, socio-ethics.

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