Determinants of education quality at tertiary institutions of learning: Perceptions of undergraduate students at BA ISAGO University, Botswana

Omobola Adedoyin

Net Journal of Social Sciences
Published: June 18 2019
Volume 7, Issue 2
Pages 44-50


Tertiary Institutions of Learning are the most important level of education in any country because they develop the manpower that leads the nation in giving insight into future ideals, resources and solutions to problems. Education Quality in any tertiary institutions is considered as one of the major elements that guarantee sustainable economic and social development in any country. This study identified the determinants of education quality at Tertiary Institutions of Learning as perceived by BA ISAGO University undergraduate students. This study utilized survey inferential design to explore the perceptions of a representative stratified sample of BA ISAGO undergraduate students with respect to four (4) existing faculties at the university ( Faculties of: Education, Commerce, Built and Environment and Law) on quality education at Tertiary Institutions of Learning. The stratified sample consisted of two hundred and fifty (250) undergraduate students in the four faculties. A 30-item questionnaire was used as instrument for data collection. Data collected were analyzed statistically using mean and standard deviations, independent t-test and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) at 0.05 alpha level. Five (5) determinants emerged accounting for approximately 81.96% of the total variance with eigen values ranging from 11.013 to 1.249. The findings that were perceived to be determinants of education quality were as follows: Lecturers’ attributes; Administrative support; Institutional status; Students’ characteristics and Academic procedures of the university. Recommendations were made based on these findings.

Keywords: Determinants of quality education, tertiary institutions, students’ perceptions.

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