Administrative leadership styles and their role in improving job satisfaction: An analytical research in Al-Sadr Medical City in Najaf, Iraq

Abbas Mezeal Mushraf Alsahlani

Net Journal of Social Sciences
Published: June 21 2019
Volume 7, Issue 2
Pages 51-63


The purpose of the research is to identify the relationship between managerial leadership styles and job satisfaction in view of the styles stipulated by the Management Network theory. These styles are Team Management style, Club Management style, Middle of the Road Management style, Authority-Compliance style and Impoverished style, using a set of criteria for measuring job satisfaction, among which are satisfaction with work, wages, promotion, the team, and the leader. The research problem is focused on identifying which type of leadership styles is dominant and their impact on improving job satisfaction. Random sample of 300 employees out of 700 employees working in the hospital, namely Al-Sadr Medical City, were involved in the questionnaire. Only 259 questionnaire forms were collected and analyzed by using (SPSS) program. The results showed a positive relationship between managerial leadership styles and job satisfaction. They showed that the prevalent style is the team management style followed by the Club style. There also appeared an inverse relationship between the Authority-Compliance style and job satisfaction.

Keywords: Administrative, leadership styles, job satisfaction.

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