Plant modification to re-use the produced water from the de-hydration unit at NGL plant for irrigation

M. A. Saad, M. M. A. El-Sukkary, S. M. El Rayes and J. M. Pactor

Physical Sciences Research International
Published: April 27 2016
Volume 4, Issue 1
Pages 1-6


Simple modification of NGL plant process flow to treat the produced water in oil and gas industry. If produced water meets appropriate water quality criteria, it may be used beneficially for purposes such as irrigation, livestock watering, aquifer storage, stream flow augmentation, and municipal and industrial uses. Treatment may be required to improve the quality of produced water so that it can be put to beneficial use as in our paper as the produced water was injected to the Sewage Treatment Unit with different ratios to digest the oil and glycols by the microorganisms using additional nutrient, continual monitoring for oil content and the glycols concentration using oil in water instrument and gas chromatograph to monitor the progress to know the optimum injection rate of the produced water to the Sewage Treatment unit which was 100:900.

Keywords: De-hydration, gas, irrigation, NGL, produced water.

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