Hydraulic operation of the outlet works for the Lom Pangar dam in Cameroon

Biya Motto Frederic, Tchuidjan Roger, Ndzana Benoit and Asonganyi D. N. Austin

Physical Sciences Research International
Published: October 9 2017
Volume 5, Issue 1
Pages 1-10


This paper shows that the outlet works is able to contain the water evacuated by the spillway and regulate the speed to acceptable standards thus avoiding downstream erosion. The Numerical modelling was carried out using the HEC-RAS software of the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and verifies the restitution capacity of the three flow- regulation sluices equipped with gates. The restitution takes place through the loss of energy as the water flows from the spillway through the sluices, the gates, the hydraulic bucket and finally into the river downstream.

Keywords: Restitution, outlet works, bucket, hydraulic jump, energy loss, Lom Pangar.

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