Theoretical mathematical model of non-invasive flow quantification for future implementation in routine clinical MRI

Laura Fanea

International Research Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences
Published: October 31 2017
Volume 5, Issue 4
Pages 58-63


Automated push-button medical analysis using quantitative multiparametric standard scales will offer the possibility of efficient fast medical diagnosis in a precise and accurate manner. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) offers complex geometrico-physicochemical analysis of the physio-anatomy of interest. Most imaging protocols for the quantitative multiparametric MRI have already been implemented clinically, but flow assessment still remains a problem, especially when evaluated without contrast agents. A simple method for flow quantification using MRI without contrast agents is described in this study. The proposed method has the potential of non-invasive flow quantification, produced offline from MRI images acquired in less than one minute.

Keywords: MRI, multiparametric medical diagnosis, in vivo flow quantification, medical image processing, non-invasive imaging.

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