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African Educational Research Journal publishes original empirical and theoretical studies and analyses in education that constitute significant contributions to the understanding and/or improvement of educational processes and outcomes. African Educational Research Journal focuses on significant scientific, cultural, economic, political, organizational and social issues in education, and explores the processes and outcomes of teaching, learning, and human development at all educational levels and in both formal and informal settings.

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The use of Zimbabwe Open University’s MyVista platform in e-communication, accessing and uploading learning materials, and assessing students’ work

S. Chirume and S. Thondhlana

Date Published: January 24 2018

African Educational Research Journal (Volume: 7, Issue: 1)


The role of cognate English–Kurdish words in teaching English

Suleyman Kasap

Date Published: October 3 2018

African Educational Research Journal (Volume: 6, Issue: 4)


The relationship between science process skills and student attitude toward physics in senior secondary school in Aliero metropolis

Kamba A. H., Giwa A. A., Libata I. A. and Wakkala G. T.

Date Published: July 3 2018

African Educational Research Journal (Volume: 6, Issue: 3)


Where have all the (qualified) teachers gone? Implications for measuring sustainable development goal target 4.c from a study of teacher supply, demand and deployment in Liberia

Mark Ginsburg, Noor Ansari, Oscar N. Goyee, Rachel Hatch, Emmanuel Morris and Delwlebo Tuowal

Date Published: April 17 2018

African Educational Research Journal (Volume: 6, Issue: 2)


Formulation and implementation of educational policies in Nigeria

Jonathan Adedayo Odukoya, Ebenezer Bowale and Sola Okunlola

Date Published: January 3 2018

African Educational Research Journal (Volume: 6, Issue: 1)