Teachers’ attitudes towards the utility of computers in education in Kenya

Newton Buliva

African Educational Research Journal
Published: February 28 2018
Volume 6, Issue 1
Pages 5-9
DOI: https://doi.org/10.30918/AERJ.61.18.004


The Kenya government is funding an ambitious project that seeks to provide one laptop per elementary school child in order to increase the use of digital technologies in classrooms. The role of teachers’ attitudes towards the utility of computers will have an impact on the implementation of this program. This study explores the differences in attitudes on the utility of computers between female and male teachers in Vihiga County of western Kenya. A convenience sample of 100 teachers responded to the Teachers Attitudes Towards Computers survey instrument developed by Christensen and Knezek (2009). The teachers’ responses suggested that there were no substantial differences in attitudes towards the utility of computers between the genders. This study may assist education planners in the local community in planning the training of teachers in the county.

Keywords: Gender differences, technology integration, utility of computers, teacher attitudes.

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