Learning pyramids in health students

Seyedeh Negar Assadi

African Educational Research Journal
Published: May 14 2018
Volume 6, Issue 2
Pages 69-72
DOI: https://doi.org/10.30918/AERJ.62.18.020


Teaching and learning pyramid are demonstrated retention rate of educational subjects by passive or active educational methods. The objective of this study was comparison of teaching, learning pyramid and average retention rates in health students. This study was an experimental research which was done by using the curriculum of health, the course of occupational health was taught with attention to learning pyramid. Educational methods and average retention rates of subjects were determined and the results were compared between three groups of students, then data were gathered and analyzed by SPSS 16, with P<0.05. In passive learning methods, lecture was the most type in group 1 and the least in group 3 but in active methods, teaching others was the most in group 3 and the least in group 1. The total grade of occupational health in group 1 was 12.93 ± 2.11, in group 2 was 14.35 ± 1.42 and in group 3 was 14.75 ± 1.72 had significant differences (P<0.05). Average retention rates of educational subjects were the most in group 3 and significant with P<0.05. According to the total results, retention rates of educational subjects in the students’ mind were the most in group 3 by using the active learning methods.

Keywords: Active learning, passive learning, occupational health.

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