First year students’ lived experiences of the third trimester field practical programme at selected communities in the Upper West region of Ghana

I. Mohammed and Evelyn Kuusozume Yirbekyaa

African Educational Research Journal
Published: July 18 2018
Volume 6, Issue 3
Pages 130-136


The purpose of this paper was to investigate first year students’ lived experiences of the Third Trimester Field Practical Programme at selected communities in the Upper West Region of Ghana. Convenience sampling method was used to select and put students into focus groups. Focus group interview was then used to collect data from the students. Data obtained were analysed thematically. Findings on the students’ lived experiences of the Third Trimester Field Practical Programme include: members in the communities lack financial supports to venture into farming and businesses, poor roads network slowed down most economic activities in the communities, there were inadequate social amenities, there were lack of toilet facilities, poor telecommunication network system was prevalent, improper waste disposal was prevalent, there were issues of misunderstanding among students due to individual differences, students had financial troubles, there was an acute shortage of decent rooms for students, there were shortage of first aid drugs in most Community-based Health Planning and Services (CHPS) compounds and there was a lack of portable drinking water. Potentials possess by the communities include: vast land for economic activities, active labour force, sheanut trees for shea butter processing and the availability of CHPS compounds in some communities. The benefits of the Field Practical Programme include: students learning all the socialization techniques, students been able to adjust into rural and deprived community life, students been exposed to places, culture and beliefs of other communities, students acquiring the team work spirit and students been able to into practice in the communities the knowledge learnt in the classroom. Recommendations were made concerning the developmental challenges in the communities and how the communities’ potentials can be turned into viable developmental projects and businesses.

Keywords: Trimester, field, practical, programme, community, CHPS compound.

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