The place of ICT in parent-teacher engagement at the early childhood level: Experiences from Ghana

Ahmed Abdulai and Martina Dery

African Educational Research Journal
Published: August 6 2018
Volume 6, Issue 3
Pages 165-172


The main focus of the study was to examine the extent to which ICT is used in the engagement of parents and teachers. The study is a quantitative research which employed the descriptive cross-sectional survey design. One hundred and seventy-two (172) participants comprising 158 parents and 14 teachers at an early childhood centre in the Central region of Ghana were involved in the study. A census selection was employed in selecting both parents and teachers. Data gathered were done with a researcher developed questionnaire of 12 items. This was analysed using frequencies, percentages, means and standard deviation. The results of the study points to the use of smartphones and cell phones as the most common gadgets in sharing information between parents and teachers, and most information shared being announcements and home work. There was evidence of positive attitude on the part of both parents and teachers in the use of ICT in sharing information, though both parents and teachers expressed concerns relative to its use in the areas of inadequate ICT tools, lack of education in ICT use, and lack of promptness in response to information by both parents and teachers. Recommendations by participants in the direction of ICT being viable in effective parent-teacher engagement are also provided in the study.

Keywords: Information and communication technology, early childhood education, parents, teachers, engagement.

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