Impact of the use of library course for undergraduates’ better usage of library resources in Faculty of Education, University of Ibadan: A study

Stanley O. Unuabor and Godsent C. O. Oseghale

African Educational Research Journal
Published: August 9 2018
Volume 6, Issue 3
Pages 181-189


This study was borne out of concern about undergraduates’ inability to use library and its resources effectively. The major focus of study was to ascertain how undergraduates in the Faculty of Education, University of Ibadan use the library and its resources in spite of the user education given to them. Survey research method was employed, and a questionnaire was used for data collection. 230 respondents were randomly selected from total population of 1546 users. To a very high extent it was revealed that undergraduates do not use library resources and services effectively. The nature of user education programme, timing and content were the major factors that caused undergraduates dissatisfaction in using the library resources. The findings adjudged undergraduates as non-frequent users of the library. Failure to accord Use of Library the status of a full-fledged GENERAL STUDIES (GES) course was found as the most significant factor limiting effectiveness of user education programme through the Use of Library. Therefore, it is recommended that “Use of Library” should be separated from the USE OF ENGLISH in the GES/GST/GNS 101 and have USE OF LIBRARY as a full fledge course with a unit credit to boost seriousness amongst undergraduates in Faculty of Education in Universities and University at large which could help undergraduates to arm themselves for their future workplace in other to be in the position as educators to serve as a role model to the next generation for the cardinal place and value of library in academic development.

Keywords: Library, user education, undergraduates, use of library course, library resources.

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