Negative treatment of women in selected short stories by Katherine Mansfield and Ernest Hemingway

Rawaa Jawad Kadhim

African Educational Research Journal
Published: October 15 2018
Volume 6, Issue 4
Pages 228-235


The study aims to demonstrate the negative treatment of women and the purpose behind this treatment in selected short stories by Katherine Mansfield and Ernest Hemingway. Mansfield depicted her female characters as paralysed, invisible women or victims. She concentrated on representing the systematic and determined victimisation of women in a society with an intellectual belief in the survival of the fittest. Meanwhile, in Hemingway's stories appeared to be shallow-minded, heart-breakers or portents of destruction. They become the source of moral, emotional and mental anguish for male characters. Both authors contributed greatly, to modern literature, especially to female culture. They also helped the reader to understand the difficult conditions for women in Western society during their time.

Keywords: Ernest Hemingway, Katherine Mansfield, short stories, female characters, ignorance.

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