Pre-service teachers' competencies in a work-based learning environment

Reynold C. Padagas

African Educational Research Journal
Published: August 16 2019
Volume 7, Issue 3
Pages 130-142


The study assessed and explored the pedagogical, student performance assessment, and classroom management skills of Pre-Service Teachers (PSTs) in their Work-based Learning Environment (WBLE). A sequential-explanatory mixed methods design was employed. Seventy PSTs were purposively selected as participants. To determine the three identified competencies, the study started with quantitative research method (Phase 1) using survey questionnaire containing items from various sources. After this, a qualitative data gathering method (Phase 2) using face-to-face interview and narratives was employed to further explore on the characteristics and challenges experienced by the PSTs. The findings revealed that the PSTs were generally competent in the three sets of competencies but the extent of employing all these in their WBLE says otherwise. Furthermore, their competencies, too, were not significantly related. Moreover, several challenges that beset the PSTs in their WBLE were also identified, hence, the formulation of the Triangle of Pre-Service Teachers' Attributes and Characteristics, and Competencies as basis in helping the PSTs improve their competencies as future members of the teaching workforce. The Higher Education Institutions can benefit from the results to keep improvements in the way their PSTs are being prepared for to provide quality teaching and learning among their target classes.

Keywords: Pre-service teachers, work-based learning environment, pedagogical skills, student performance assessment skills, classroom management skills.

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