Competencies of technical-vocational teachers of the College of Education: Bases for comprehensive training program

Jovita E. Villanueva

African Educational Research Journal
Published: September 27 2018
Volume 6, Issue 3
Pages 203-212


The Bulacan State University evolved from being a school of arts and trades before becoming a state university as it is now. The university charter mandates that the institution shall provide higher technical education primarily to the people of the province of Bulacan and its neighboring provinces. Bulacan State University is known in producing highly skilled graduates in terms of garments technology, food technology, cosmetology, building technology and other technical vocational areas that was because faculty members then where experts of a specialized field. When a paradigm shift in the education system took place, teachers of technical vocational education became jack of all trade because they were mostly graduates of a major known as technology and livelihood education. As a result when referring to specialized set of competency standards set by Technical Skills Development Authority (TESDA) many teachers lack the needed competency. With the retirement of many specialized teachers of Bulacan State University what were left to teach were teachers who where actually graduates of Technology and Livelihood Education. Since TESDA has provided competencies based on the international standard the researcher would like to find out if the level of competencies of the incumbent teachers as regard to the competencies set by Technical Skills Development Authority (TESDA). These competencies were pertaining to those defined by TESDA in each of each test packages being used in assessment for the issuance of National Certification I-IV. The instrument developed made used of the competencies identified by Technical Education Skills Development Authority (TESDA). Research instrument was duly evaluated and validated by experts in the field of technical-vocational education. Respondents of the study were all technical vocational teachers of Bulacan State University from the college of education including laboratory high school. Data gathered were tallied, tabulated using frequency, percentage and weighted mean. Result indicated that majority of the technical- vocational teachers were moderately competent in the various competencies identified by TESDA as indicated by the overall weighted mean of 2.73. Technical – vocational education faculty members of the university is ready for the shift of the Philippine education system but further training is highly suggested. As a result an intervention program in form of training will be the output of this research.

Keywords: Competencies, technical vocational, training program.

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