Parent and peer attachment and commitment to school: A correlational research involving high school Iranian students

Karim Sevari and Mehrdad Rezaei

African Educational Research Journal
Published: July 17 2019
Volume 7, Issue 2
Pages 97-102


This paper aims to study the relationship between parent attachment and peer attachment with commitment to school in a sample of 500 female and male students in 10th grade at a public high school in Bavi County, Khozestan Province. The sampling includes 500 10th grade high school students (250 girls and 250 boys) studying in the academic year of 2016-2017 in Bavi County. Multistage random sampling was used to select the sample students. An inventory of parent and peer attachment and a school commitment questionnaire are used to evaluate the intended variables. The data were analyzed using Pearson’s correlation analyses and multivariate regression. The results of this study shows that significance level at each of three hypotheses, which is equal to 0.001 for the intended variables, it is less than significance level of test (0.05); therefore, peer and parent attachments have multiple relationships with commitment to school. So, the research results shows that parent attachment and commitment to school, which have high scores, have a positive relationship among these youths.

Keywords: Parent attachment, peer attachment, commitment to school.

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