The effect of educational technologies on manners and sustainability of teacher candidates

Okan Sarigöz

African Educational Research Journal
Published: August 21 2019
Volume 7, Issue 3
Pages 143-152


The practices of education and teaching are of paramount importance for the representatives of our future, children. Therefore, every nation is constantly seeking for more sustainable and more efficient education practices for its own future. Knowing that digital technology world is being frequently used by students, applying the use of this technology to the educational field would be desirable by all countries. The nations are in a permanent search for an education system that is self-refreshing, success raising, supportive of easier learning, motivation rising and capable of making classes more fun. This type of educational system seems only possible nowadays with the support of classes by digital technologies by teachers. The purpose of this study is to determine knowledge fund, competency, and manners of teacher candidates’ on digital educational technologies and obtain their views on sustainability of digital technologies on education. The results of the research showed that digital educational technologies affected learning of teacher candidates positively, made classes more enjoyable, raised the attention levels, diminished the forgetfulness and reinforced the communication in between them.

Keywords: Educational technology, digital technology, 4DX educational technology, curriculum, sustainability in education.

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